Welcome to the website of Bruce Roberts Europe bv

We design, develop and deliver production data for the construction motor- and sailing yachts and small workboats in steel and aluminum construction. Apart from the design and production data, we supply complete pre-cut kits including on site delivery, according to the needs and wishes of the customer.

Design and development are carried out by our own specialists according to our own procedures and quality control, from concept up to production data, enabling unmatched accuracy and building efficiency.  Our method enables us to quickly respond to customer-specific requirements resulting in custom designs at stock design lead times.

Our range includes many existing designs, including all sail- and motor yachts designed by Bruce Roberts Goodson, as well as all designs of Stephen Pollard, established names in this field. All designs comply with CE- / Classification requirements as required and our construction methods warrants dimensional accuracy yet fast and easy assembly and a significant reduction in the overall construction time. 

By using only quality materials and specialized partners for cutting and forming work of our kits, we can achieve and guarantee minimal tolerances.

If desired, Bruce Roberts Europe also provides cutting data for the kit production by the customer.